HI Nxt

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Maxime, I’m 22 years, just graduated and now looking for my next step in the working world… Before convincing you about how well I’ll fit you company, this is my global timeline: 

BORN IN 1999

 & raised in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands.

At an age of 15 I started working in a supermarket & an ice cream shop. In the past 5 years I’ve worked in several restaurants & cafés. 

Havo degree

Economie & maatschappij
Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal
5 juli 2016

got Propedeuse

Faculiteit Digitale Media en Creatieve Industrie
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
30 juni 2017

I did my first internship in Valencia, the graphic design internship was nice but the living in thes city was even better..

MOVEd to amsterdam

My long internship was focused on UX Design, I was part of the “Bibi van der Velden” marketing team . A great jewelry designer in Amsterdam.  Click the GIF below for my work. 


I finished my bachelor with a graduation project during the first lockdown. For Metaal Kathedraal I designed a whole new platform in which b2b clients can organize their event. 

Finished my bachelor

Faculiteit Digitale Media en Creatieve Industrie Hogeschool van Amsterdam 6 januari 2021

I celebrated my bachelor in Aruba & Curacao, enjoying the local life and working remotely on freelance websites. 

I started to create websites for small companies with wordpress & coding, something I’m still doing. 

I attended a mini-traineeship, focused on IT & projectmanagement. During the traineeship, called ‘Digital Talent Academy’ I found a new platform for volunteers of three organisations: Dokters van de Wereld, Boat Refugee Foundation & Laguna Collective. 

My traineeship is extended and I’m currently busy with leading the launch of this platform. In particular organizing and visualizing the whole platform. 

WHat's next?

The last few months I’ve  realized I’m not looking for 9-17 job in which I’m behind a laptop all day. I would describe my perfect job as a job in which I can switch between creating a super nice user experience, using my organize skills  & get lost in my creativity (in a positive way ofcourse).

I can work


out of the box


I guess that was enough reading for now, I’m looking forward to hear from you and hopefully introduce myself better.

Best regards, MAXIME